Showmatch 1

December 13 - 9pm Eastern


Introducing Frag Center showmatches, exhibition matches organized and hosted by the Frag Center community! These regularly scheduled events will be great opportunities for the community to get involved -- whether you want to play, strategize, coach, shoutcast, stream, provide feedback, or just watch!

Showmatch 1 AKA "Old and Busted" took place on December 13 at 9pm Eastern and was a best-of-three matchup featuring teams selected by Ceres and Vorg (Online and Ascylum).

Ascylum secured a 2-1 win after Online won at the last second on Fuel Dump!


ON_ Online

  • Ceres (captain)
  • bape
  • homeless
  • revildab
  • cyrus
  • trendy

/// Ascylum

  • Vorg (captain)
  • naif
  • sixers
  • blackout
  • joynt
  • Hornet

Backups: Ed, VtmN


1. Frostbite

2. Fuel Dump

3. SW Battery


Ascylum 2-1

Watch Replay

This event was streamed and shoutcasted live on Twitch by former Commission, Dark Side and SMF player Riley at


Please share any suggestions that you have for this or future showmatches in our Discord #suggestions channel. We would love to hear any ideas you have!

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